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Although proposal writing is the heart of the process, it is only one component of a complex continuum. Project planning and a realistic assessment of how the grant-funded activity will fit into the organizational operating structure are also critical.  Grant Services Corp. includes all aspects of this continuum in its consultations.  We work with clients to build the projects and the proposals that describe them.  Our philosophy mitigates the "call me when it's finished" approach and guarantees that the consultant has a thorough understanding of the client's needs and environment.

Key Benefits

bulletProfessionally Written Proposals
bulletStrategic Assessment of How the Project will Impact the Organization
bulletContinuity in Project Planning and Proposal Development


Andrew Grant has been writing proposals for more than 25 years.  He commands a deep understanding of the process.  He is an expert writer who understands how to present client needs to potential sponsors.

Experience with Nonprofit Organizations of Many types
We have worked with my different types of organizations over the years.  We understand that the needs of a local arts organization are different from those of a university or hospital.
Expert in Incorporating Technical Descriptions
Our many years of experience has taught us how to "learn" an organization.  Our consultation focuses on representing the applicant in the context of its own environment and presenting complex issues appropriately in the proposal.
Expert Planner and Budgeter
Grant Services Corp. helps plan the project, the approach and the budget.  We know how what funders look for in  budgets and develop them to be realistic for the funder and of maximum assistance to the applciant.


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